Gain Clarity.

Get Efficient.

Grow in Value.

You can accomplish this by having better processes in place in how you operate your business and manage your day to day.

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To say you are busy is an understatement on most days. You have a business to run, a family to manage and it seems like you have reached another week of not reaching your goals in the time frame you desired. Trying to figure out a time to see what tasks can be improved is something that keeps getting pushed back on your calendar. Especially when you feel every task you have seems like its overdue!


If this is you – you have come to the right place. 

Get Better Processes

A framework to better manage your business and life without overwhelm in just 1 month!

What Will It Look Like to Work With Me?

Receive the clarity you deserve without stretching yourself thin to work on tasks that bring you the results you envisioned. Have more control of how you manage your time and make more decisions that add value. No longer feel you have to delay your dreams and goals in your business or work because you have a family to raise. 

"Domonique put all of my vision, dreams, and passions into amazing processes that changed my business for the better.


When given the opportunity to work with Domonique, I knew my business would be next level immediately. I have so much on my plate, I thought everything I wanted to accomplish in my business would not be able to happen. It was a perfect plan filled with encouragement and motivation with personalized notes that keep me inspired. Once I applied the detailed plan with processes, I was able to accomplish more than anticipated in a time earlier than I had planned. The Get Better Processes Intensive put amazing clarity to my vision and dreams that changed my life. Now I'm moving on to the next level in my business that I didn't even formulate during the program. I'm so thankful to have worked with Domonique."



E. Camp – Full-Time Working Mom of 3 and Business Owner


Highlights of Areas That I Help Clients In:

  • Clarifying processes needed to delegate to newly hired people (full and part-time)

  • Understand why its taking longer than planned to complete tasks needed for the business or projects assigned at work.

  • Being promoted into a new role that was high demanding and needed a clear plan of action that engaged the team to reach results without working late hours after the children go to sleep.

  • Pivoting a strategic plan with clearer processes and actions due to sudden shifts in customer demand

  • Making a plan to have more time for family without putting a dent in progress made in the business

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Get Better Processes Intensive | $3,700

2 Payments of $1,850

2 Available Bookings For August

With the Get Better Processes Framework You Will: 

Know The Gaps of Where You Are In Business

Create Processes For Business Success

Get Effective in How You Manage Your Time, Team and Actions

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"Domonique is driven, innovative, passionate and brilliant. She helped me clarify processes that reduced my time in half spent on back end needs. During our VIP Day [Get Better Processes Intensive], she went above and beyond while keeping an eye on my vision." 


-S. Hill, Mom of 2, Full-Time Business Owner