Your 1-Step Plan To Keep The Employees You Don't Want To Leave

Speaker: Domonique Townsend

Companies lose up to $1M each in productivity loss due to turnover.  What if I tell you that you're 1 step away from a solution that will bring you immediate success in retention. In this session, we will discuss how to apply.


How to Use Your Internal Customers to Gain External Customer Wins

Speaker: Domonique Townsend

Want to be more competitive in your industry? This topic discusses key strategies that companies must implement in order to keep and grow their internal and external customer base. In this interactive session, we will give 3 critical strategies needed. 


Ready. Set. Sustain: Designing a Strategy That Works For Employees and Your Bottom Line

Speaker: Domonique Townsend

3 in 5 companies reported not hitting their performance goals as desired. Before developing goals, companies must measure abd understand two areas that are often overlooked. In this session, you will learn key metrics needed to accelerate momentum and excel in meeting your performance goals for the long term.