Your business is ready for the next level and your team can be equipped with the processes to get you there. 

Processes bring me joy! I’d love to work with you to experience that same feeling. Book a consultation call with me so that I can better understand your key needs and identify if the Get Better Processes Framework is optimal for your business. You have put in the work to run your business like a CEO. With my expertise, I can help you.


In our CEO VIP Day, you will get: 

A structured framework with clearly defined outcomes and responsibilities for each member of your team. We will walk through the Get Better Processes Framework to also delegate key tasks, define outcomes and establish clarity in how you manage your team. 

"Stretching yourself thin when you have a team is not an accomplishment."

-Domonique Townsend

Your business is your baby. You put in hard work to get it where it is today. And the thought of having other people performing tasks to the level that you perform them is hard. This leads to making it tough to put your expertise into clear processes that are overdue in being handed off to your team. But, this is what you envisioned, right? If you feel like I’m in your business, I want you to know that I understand and are equipped to help you with this challenge. To take your business to the next level, it will take a shift in how you operate your business. Working in the weeds is no longer required. Give your business the gift of getting to the next level in revenue and clientele by defining processes and creating a team that you can fully utilize.  


Cost $5,700

2 Payment Options

Full Payment: $5,700

2 Payments of $2,940

1 Booking Remains for November. 2 Remain for December.