Workshops to Help Your Leaders Develop Skills that Impact Your Company's Success

Improve Employee Collaboration. Transform Continuous Improvement. Generate Meaningful Results. 


Our workshops are taught using real-world opportunities that exists within your company.


We collaborate with your team before we lead a workshop to establish buy-in and create an interactive learning experience.  


We provide a framework for leaders to reference after the workshop to retain knowledge and establish increased impact.  

Do you know the level of impact a workshop has in the success of your leaders?

Do you see an opportunity for your leaders to collaborate more?

Is there a resource that can help you transform results that add value? 

Do you experience a delay in things getting done because of knowledge gaps?

Can you quickly access workshops that include actual pain points you  experience?

Are departments in your company falling short of meeting performance goals due to firefighting?

Would you like to sustain the knowledge gained in workshops with a proven framework?

You deserve workshops that include existing processes and needs of your company. The value of having your leaders retain and apply the knowledge gained is critical to drive impact to the bottom line. drive performance impact. 

We Optimize Work provides that for you. 

What makes We Optimize Work  different? 

We are able to provide you with valuable information that addresses the root of pain points you experience......without having meetings about meetings. We get that you are busy. Which is why we are hands-on and effective in working with your team to develop the level of training that drives impact to their performance and to the bottom line.  We are a women and minority owned business. 


"Change... People and companies talk about wanting to "change" and find ways to do tasks more effectively and efficiently. The key to all of this is how you go about identifying and implementing these concepts. I have had the pleasure of working with Domonique on multiple projects and each time there are two items that she instantly brings to meetings; Positivity and Passion. I strongly believe that because of these, she is able to quickly build relationships with each member of the project team and help lead you to generate ideas or concepts that truly can impact your business. Domonique's approach and process allows you to be part of the solution but also allows you to easily identify other areas of your day-to-day life that you could apply these concepts to as well. Sometimes all it takes is for one team member to get that "hey that was my idea that was implemented" and it opens the door for everyone else to want to be part of that. Give Domonique a chance and within minutes you will see how her passion can easily spread to your team. With the right attitude and approach, you will be amazed how quickly you can make improvements and this is what she helps you do." 

- M. Schulz, Global Application Engineering Manager

Let us help you:

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