Life as a Working Mom

Can Be Exhausting.

We Optimize Work helps you create systems and strategies that add value, time and sanity to your life.

You’re what many call an “ambitious working mother.” You aspire to succeed in your career, run a business, raise a family, and have time to care for yourself without guilt.  

You’ve been keeping an ever-growing to-do list for every aspect of your life to make your goals reality. Your list is chaotic, but it’s been working...sort of. And now, in 2021, you’re experiencing increased demand in meeting business needs and managing a family all while working from home. Making the best use of your time without being too exhausted to reach your goals has moved to the top of your to-do list. Now what?

We Optimize Work is passionate about helping you create systems and strategies to succeed in both your professional and personal life without sacrificing your sanity or compromising your business goals.

Do You Experience the Following Pain Points?

Pain Points We Help You Solve

Worn-Out Moms on the 9 to 5

Working from Home

You’re feeling defeated and not like yourself. You lack the confidence to make a change, even if you knew what to do next. You’re stuck in a cycle of being too uncomfortable to communicate your needs but knowing that you’ll stay uncomfortable if your needs aren’t met. These stressors are taking a toll on your mental health and personal life, leaving you discouraged and overwhelmed but too guilty to take a break. You’re considering abandoning your career goals in order to focus on your family’s needs.

Stand Up Meeting

Moms Running the Show

Overworked and often overwhelmed, you’re unsure how to use your limited time to delegate and get your processes in order. Your business has plateaued or even declined because you’re still performing the tasks you hired your team members to handle. You’re tired of being preoccupied with a laptop when you spend time with your family. You’re hesitant to delegate key tasks to your team members, but you might be willing to if the right strategies are in place. You desire to lead your team with better clarity, and you want to increase your team’s ability to be more independent and consistent in their performance, but you’re not sure how. You’re bordering on burnout and a loss of productivity, money, and time.


Leaders Looking to Help Working Parents

You’ve seen the statistics. The retention of working moms was negatively impacted last year. Working moms are now feeling pressured to leave their jobs as a result of extra challenges prompted by COVID-19. The attrition rate of women in September 2020 alone was about four times higher than the attrition of men. 


You’ve recognized the challenges faced by the working mom and caregiver demographic in your own business, and you’re ready to make a change. You’ve brainstormed or started initiatives to focus in this area, but you lack training or processes to make it happen. You want an effective system that can directly support your employees and introduce strategies to bring long-term support for working moms and caregivers.

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Copy of Companies Organizations I Have W

You Deserve A Strategy That Provides

Both Short- And Long-Term Solutions

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