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 Live Sessions to Help You Improve Workplace Retention 

Define opportunities. Implement solutions. Retain high-value employees. 

Discover hidden costs of retention

Design solutions that work for your company

Establish an immediate impact 

Finding it challenging to retain skilled employees?

Are your turnover costs not improving? 

Do you know the key factors that impact retention rates?  

Is your strategic growth plan inclusive of high performance employees?

Not enough resources to hit your productivity goals on time? 

Executing a professional development plan with little engagement? 

Do you struggle trying to understand why key people are not staying? 

companies are losing millions in lost productivity & turnover

Our training works for manufacturing and corporate environments.

our training guides you to immediately improve employee retention.

Not ready for our intensive training? Book us to Speak!

There are multiple benefits in booking us to speak at your company:

  • Gain critical awareness of retention, engagement and productivity 

  • Receive expertise that can be applied for immediate success 

  • Demonstrates your company's desire to lead innovation for high-performing employees


Want to jump start awareness of how your company can optimize inclusion and retention of employees? We provide 60-90 minute keynotes and group discussions for attendees of all levels.

Our Expert Topics: 

  • The Art of Success in Your Role

  • 5 Signature Strategies To Improve Your Productivity

  • How to Be A Key Player in Retention

we optimize work

We look forward to helping you succeed in your retention and inclusion goals!

Headquartered in Nashville, TN. 

Available to travel. 

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