Lead My Business to Success 

Intensive Session 

I teach small-mid size business owners….how to grow their business without spending unnecessary time, money and resources to get there.

Your business is worthy of flourishing without emptying your bank account and schedule to get there.

You can utilize your time more efficiently to knock your goals out of the park and grow your business. You deserve to learn the tools that help you increase the speed of getting things done that add value to your company. You can meet your customer needs and keep them coming back by improving how you do business. What if you could learn the essentials to help you in 1 day? I will teach you how to create systems for your business that can save you time, money, resources and most importantly…..systems that will significantly improve how you do business.

Let me help you.

My purpose:

To help small-midsize business leaders learn how to develop systems that allow big businesses to operate with wild success!

To show how big businesses are more successful in achieving lower costs and making improvements at a faster rate.  

You are at a point where you have the opportunity to grow, but lack the time needed to make the changes at the pace you desire. Having the right systems in place and knowledge on how to make the next best move for your company will help you soar.

Join me in a Lead My Business to Success Intensive Session. 

Whether you have systems in place and seek to increase your efficiency or just beginning and want to set the foundation in place to succeed, our 1 day intensive is for business owners like you.

Module 1

Clarify Your Business Goals: Identify where you are in business and your pain points keeping you from getting to your goal.

Module 3

Evaluating the Value: How to Create Process Flows and Determine What Steps are Costing You Unnecessary Time and Money to Perform

Module 5

Maximizing Use Of Time: Creating schedule workflows that help you meet customer needs and have time to focus on activities that enhance the performance of your business

Module 2

What is Continuous Improvement and How it Can Bring you Phenomenal Success: Learn the tools that help you set the foundation needed to effectively reach your business needs.  

Module 4

Seeing the Opportunity: How to identify the improvements and systems (people and resources to help) needed to accelerate the value of your time.  

Module 6

Measuring Your Success: How to create metrics to quickly identify if your efforts are helping you improve at the pace you desire.

Next Steps: Developing a plan to sustain your improvements made and maintain momentum in performing your next steps.

Only a max of 5 participants to maintain high engagement and impact per each session. LIVE Sessions cover modules 1-6. They are intensive and will require all participants to refrain from being on their phone or laptop unless instructed.  If your business requires more in-depth support, it will be determined during the session. Action item planning will be established for further support or a second session can be arranged at the client's discretion. 

The next Lead My Business to Success Session is on February 6, 2020. Dates are flexible and can be changed upon request. Email dtownsend@weoptimizework.com for a new date request before or after purchasing. 

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