Businesses often face pain points in not knowing the next best step to take when they reach the growth and scale stage of their business. We provide a signature service to help businesses like yours succeed with a clear strategy and process.   

Your business is worthy of flourishing with improved processes and strategies that give you more time to grow your customer base. 

You deserve to learn the tools that help you and your team perform day to day tasks faster and understand golden opportunities that exists in your business that are needed to help your business grow successfully! What if you could accomplish this in less than 3 weeks? I will teach you how to make it easier to do business, create systems and take the action needed.......that positions you for long term success.  

Let me help you.

My purpose:

  • To help clients who are unsure of the next steps needed to thrive by developing a strategy and taking the action needed to grow their business.  

  • To serve as a high quality cost-effective resource for businesses who are seeking an expert in continuous improvement, project management and strategic planning.

  • To help clients who are looking to increase the time they have to work on revenue generating tasks. 

Our services are best for you if:  

You are at a point where you have the opportunity to grow, but lack the time needed to make the changes at the pace you desire.

You would like to add a team member (or recently added) for your businesses and you want to be clear on the processes they need to focus on that will bring high value.

You have an idea of where you would like to improve your business, but lack the knowledge (or the time) of how to create a clear strategy and defined processes needed to meet your vision.

You want to increase the time you have to focus on growing your customers, and are ready to move forward in making the shifts needed to thrive. 

You are ready to invest in receiving the insight and coaching of an expert who is dedicated to help improve your processes in a quick matter of time.  

Book me for a VIP Intensive today! We can help you make it easier to do business.  

Whether you have systems in place and want to have it assessed or you seek to create a defined strategy and system to support your goals, our VIP Intensive is purposed for you. 

We'd love to help you!

our 3 step process


We take a deep dive in understanding your business goals and pain points you currently experience. We capture the daily tasks that are performed in your business to identify key opportunities for improvement and growth for your business.  


We provide a clear strategy aligned with your business goals that include defined, improved processes and systems needed to accelerate your growth. We develop an action plan organized by priority needs that resolve your pain points and opportunity areas that reduce the time it takes to meet day to day needs.  


We coach and guide you and your team to meet the defined actions to transition your business successfully into the growth and scale phase. We also perform the tasks and improvements needed to help meet your business goals within a minimum amount of time. We use measures of success that help you easily track the progress that is being made. 

We offer 3 package options to help you make the best decision that meets where you are in your business. 

4X Revenue 

4X revenue within 12 weeks for a client business by defining a clear strategy and action plan that removed waste and inefficiencies that were being performed in their business.



Conducted a business performance audit for a business, implemented a professional development plan and launched continuous improvement projects that saved the company $3.1 million dollars over the course of 3 years.

60% Less Time

Analyzed a request for quoting process that required a long time to gather needed information for their customer.  We evaluated the process and created a streamlined flow that reduced the lead time from 5 days to 24 hours. 

177% Engagement

Created strategic plan for business who experienced low engagement amongst their team members as they doubled their staff. They aligned actions that improved communication and collaboration that brought an increase of engagement by 177%. 



I have over a decade of experience as a Professional Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt​. My extensive background in leadership and management has led companies to excel in meeting strategic goals in retention, engagement, cross-functional projects and process optimization on a global scale. 

I am a native Nashvillian (“A Nashville Unicorn”), wife and mom of four children ages 10 and under.

My journey as the founder of WOW: 

In my journey of consulting, I have always enjoyed watching the smile on people's face when a problem they experienced was solved successfully. Even as a child, I always attempted to solve the problems of my peers by connecting the dots and creating strategies. Applying my professional expertise with my personal experiences in various industries made the perfect combination for my being the consultant that I am today. After a decade of professional experience, I decided to pursue consulting and share my skills and talents with organizations in need of help. 


The one thing I have seen consistently is that companies grow in proportions to the effort made in investing in their professional development to perform the needed action to help them reach their goals. My extensive experience allows me the ability to quickly identify opportunities that companies often oversee to thrive. 


It would be an awesome opportunity to help you thrive as well! Connect with me at: