Optimize How Your Employees Work Using a Human-Centered Work Approach

Create a strategy that uses a human-centered work approach to reach your business objectives. 

Domonique Townsend Founder WOW

Optimize Work Culture


Impact Team Performance


Increase Employee Satisfaction 

Many companies struggle to identify approaches that improve employee productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.


We help you create and apply strategies that:

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Equip Your Leaders

Equip your leaders with operational tools to enhance team collaboration, performance and productivity.

Incorporate best practices that engage employees to reach key business out develop and empower high-potential women and moms.

Rethink Employee Experience

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Accelerate Company Success

Implement actions that accelerate the path to meet your company vision for employee experience.

Be a leader who is one step ahead in optimizing the employee experience using  human-centered work approach.

our client wins


Increased retention by 52 employees over 12 months leading to a $1.8 Million Dollar savings in turnover and lost productivity costs.


Savings in Turnover

  • Achieved a 121% increase in team engagement within 6 months. 


Increased Engagement


Designed customized employee strategies that included execution plans & learning and development programming scaled to support multiple locations. Average team productivity increased by 20% within 3 months.


Improved Productivity


Optimize your organizational support

Improve company performance

Establish workplace connectedness

Roles of diverse backgrounds can’t flourish unless your entire company is flourishing! We’ll help you align your company values and approach in order to optimize your employees’ experience.

Your professional working moms of color can’t flourish unless your entire company is flourishing! We’ll help you align your company values and structure in order to optimize your employees’ experience.

We’ll help you build a collaborative work approach that allows your professional working moms of color to operate more efficiently and increase their ability to contribute and flourish within your company.


our process

Schedule a Discovery Call

Customize Employee Experience Playbooks

Our mission is to help you create an impactful workplace where  all employees can flourish. Scheduling a discovery call will help you to see if we are a best fit for your needs.

We’ll assess the gaps within  the employee life cycle in your workplace and we work with your employees  and leaders to identify  solutions that have a sustainable impact in company performance.

Assess Your Work Environment

We help you create employee experience playbooks with development plans, action steps and attainable goals that impact your work culture and work connectedness.

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Change... People and companies talk about wanting to "change" and find ways to do tasks more effectively and efficiently. The key to all of this is how you go about identifying and implementing these concepts. I have had the pleasure of working with Domonique on multiple projects and each time there are two items that she instantly brings when our leadership team meets with her; Positivity and Passion. I strongly believe that because of these, she is able to quickly build relationships with each member of the project team and help lead you to generate ideas or concepts that truly can impact your business. Domonique's approach and process allows you to be part of the solution but also allows you to easily identify other areas of your day-to-day life that you could apply these concepts to as well. Sometimes all it takes is for one team member to get that "hey that was my idea that was implemented" and it opens the door for everyone else to want to be part of that. Give Domonique a chance and within minutes you will see how her passion can easily spread throughout your company. With the right attitude and approach, you will be amazed how quickly you can make improvements and this is what she helps you do. - Global Executive of Engineering


Partner with We Optimize Work to help you optimize the employee experience for women and moms.