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Be a "Goal-Getter" This Year!

Picture this: this year, your resolution is to exercise every day. (Yes, every day.) You follow through diligently for two weeks. Then, you miss a workout because your Monday was insane. No big deal. Then you skip Wednesday because the weather was poor. Two weeks later, you realize that it’s the end of January and you’ve already missed your goal of “every day” by quite a few days. Sound familiar?

Abandoning resolutions is common, but that doesn’t mean goal-setting is useless. Perhaps you simply need to set better, more achievable goals! Below are a few practical tips for reaching your goals this year.

1. Don’t set goals alone.

It seems simpler to keep your goals private. You can avoid accountability and fear of failure if you don’t share the goals you’re setting. However, by leaving others out of your goal-setting process, you run a much higher risk of abandoning your vision. Try talking to someone you trust about what you want to accomplish. If possible, choose someone who has already successfully met the goals you’re striving towards! This friend or advisor can offer both helpful advice and encouragement, especially when you’re tempted to quit.

2. Be realistic when setting goals.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but not every hour can be dedicated toward your goals. Domonique Townsend, founder of We Optimize Work, puts it this way: “Many people don’t account for their non-available capacity, such as sleep, quality time with family, and professional development.” You have to leave room for the basics -- eating, sleeping, and personal hygiene -- as well as time for family, friends, and yourself. Add on top of that your work and personal responsibilities, and the time you have left -- your available capacity -- is the time you realistically have to work toward your goals. Once you’ve determined what your unique available capacity is, make sure the time required to meet your goals matches the time that you’re able to give.

3. Define a process to achieve your goals.

A goal without a plan is not much more than a wish. A step-by-step process to work toward an end is crucial to actually achieving goals. So, whether your goals this year are professional or personal, don’t neglect to think about practical action steps that you can take to make your dreams reality. Map out those steps and then carry them out!

Are you having trouble setting goals? Do you have a goal in mind but can’t seem to put together a practical process to achieve it? Let us help! Visit to schedule a 60-minute brainstorming session with Domonique.



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