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Redefining Success in 2020 and Beyond

Domonique Townsend, founder of We Optimize Work, LLC, and creator of the Work Life Success platform, used the tumultuous year of 2020 to redefine success for herself and for others.

With a large shift of employers moving their companies to working remotely, and with the majority of events transferred to virtual meetings, 2020 presented many employers as well as employees with an unexpected hurdle -- the collision of work life and personal life. Townsend, who specializes in helping entrepreneurial moms and mom CEOs promote work-life balance, recognized that the need for work-life balance would expand greatly due to the pandemic. New ways of doing business would be needed to support employees. In the words of Townsend, “Your team and your business are only as effective as the processes that support it.”

Many companies, businesses, and individuals agreed with Townsend. In just its first month of operation, 100 working moms participated in the Work Life Success platform. The process added back an average of six hours to their schedules, increased their project completion rates by the appropriate deadlines by 35%, and helped them achieve 17% improvement in peer-to-peer engagement. Work Life Success also won the “Up and Coming” pitch category in Nashville’s Pitch for Good competition, hosted by the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

We Optimize Work, LLC, received grants from multiple prestigious donors in 2020, including American Express’s “100 for 100” Founders of Change grant, which provided We Optimize Work with $25,000 and 100 days of resources. We Optimize Work was also a Tier 2 prize winner in a competition hosted by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Allstate, receiving an award of $6,000.

In addition, Townsend was a keynote speaker at Pitney Bowes’ PBWIN, hosted an online series titled “Working Mom Success Series,” and spoke at multiple virtual conferences and events, including Thrive Together Leadership Conference, In It Together, and Girls Night In Online.

Townsend was able to provide working moms, remote employees, and business owners with tools to succeed in 2020, and she’s not expecting to slow down in 2021. In the new year, she has plans to increase her speaking engagements and webinars in order to continue to share the benefit of promoting work-life balance for employees, especially working moms. She is also now offering “cohorts,” meetings with business owners and their employees to analyze their current processes and strategically placing them in a position for greater success. Townsend is dedicated to working with each company individually -- offering them customized solutions, not a one-size-fits-all option. “A cookie-cutter, outdated approach isn’t going to cut it,” she states.

To get started this year on a work-life success journey for yourself or your business, visit or schedule a meeting with Domonique Townsend by emailing



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