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The 9-5 Can Hurt Your Success: 3 Ways to Be Effective

The 9-5 workday has been disrupted. Some leaders find it challenging to determine how their teams can be successful as they grapple to make sure they are maintaining their work hours and schedule while at home. Even though some companies are transitioning back into the workplace, its predicted that many employees will have to stay at home due to uncontrollable circumstances. What is leading to the challenge? Traditional work environments have mistakenly used the number of hours “seen” as a measure of success. It is a false badge of honor that is not effective and can limit productivity. Especially now. Companies that have been proactive in this have seen increases in customer satisfaction, workplace engagement and speed to achieve results.

Here are 3 things to consider in shifting the workday to support productivity success for your team:

1. Results Based Schedules

Working from home in this pandemic is not the same as the traditional working from home. For example, Employees that are parents or caretakers have additional things to manage while trying to meet their work needs. Not having clear deliverables or results can impact how an employee can be efficient in accomplishing needed tasks.

2. Simulate Work Hour Options

While we are still in transition between working from home and going back into the workplace. Try offering work hour options for your employees. Begin with options that include 4,5 or 6 hour days. Reducing the amount of time can improve how results are reached and provide support in existing shifts that are impacting employees.

3. Have a Broader Conversation

Include department leaders and direct employees in the conversations on how to make the workday more efficient. The

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