Leading in 2020: Power Learning Session

Leading in 2020: Power Learning Session

Power Learning Session: Leading in 2020: How to Win in Continuous Improvement and Workplace Innovation 


Each year companies lose an average of $1M in productivity costs due to:
  • Performing processes that are wasting their time
  • Placing their employee talent by job description and not skillset
  • Not having conversations that immediately drive value, impact the bottom line and improve customer satisfaction 


This Leading in 2020 session provides you with techniques that are easy to apply and are highly effective in leading innovation in the workplace. No matter your industry, focusing on continuous improvement is essential in remaining or growing in competitiveness. This class is catered for leaders like you so that:
You receive insight that you can apply and reapply to drive continuous improvement wins and workplace innovation.


  • Understand how to reduce productivity costs through effective communication strategies.
  • Excel in being a steward for meaningful growth that meets your company objectives.


Cost: $397/Person (Minimum of 10 participants for on-site training)
Duration: 3.5-4 Hour Masterclass Session
Service is Best For: Executive Leaders, Senior Leaders, Managers, Leads, Team Leaders Aspiring Leaders, Employees of Influence


After you purchase. We will contact you to identify a time that is convenient for us to lead our Leading in 2020 session. (For out of Greater Nashville Area requests, travel costs are not included in the purchase of a session and will be  invoiced separately.)


Questions? Email info@weoptimizework.com or call 615.669.7090