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A fun, strategic way to make work feel good. 


Many leaders of teams face numerous challenges in managing different demands and being effective in fostering meaningful engagement needed in reaching key goals. One of the primary challenges faced is their ability to recognize their approach as an operational strategy, and unintentionally overlooking its impact for engagement and achieving defined goal effectively.


Can you relate? 


The WOW Suite provides a holistic solution to help them develop a clear strategy that lays out clear outcomes, outlines actionable steps and makes the best use of their (and team's) time and skills, resulting in a less overwhelming experience in your pursuit to reaching a goal.


The WOW Suite is a comprehensive solution that offers a clear, fun and systematic approach that enables leaders like you to overcome common obstacles and achieve sustainable success when managing multiple things simultaneously. 


One of the primary challenges leaders encounter is the ability to recognize their own approach to work as an operational strategy, unintentionally overlooking its impact on achieving their goals. The WOW Suite provides a holistic solution to help you develop a clear strategy that lays out clear outcomes, outlines actionable steps and makes the best use of you and your team’s time and skills, resulting in a less overwhelming experience in your pursuit to reaching a goal. 

The WOW Suite Benefits: 


The WOW Suite is created to help you clarify a strategy that engages others and is a cost-effective solution to help you reach a key goal while offering several key benefits: 


Enhanced Strategy Clarity:

The WOW Suite assists in helping you organize ideas, set clear goals, and define actionable steps, making it easier to understand and communicate your overall approach to reaching a key defined goal.


Improved Collaboration:

By enabling seamless engagement with others, The WOW Suite fosters effective teamwork, facilitates idea-sharing, and enhances communication among team members.


Time and Resource Savings:

A cost-effective solution means lower expenses, making it easier to allocate resources to other critical aspects of needs to deliver on an initiative or goal. 


Increased Efficiency:

The WOW Suite streamlines your approach processes and workflows, reducing inefficiencies and saving time, leading to better productivity and results.


Continuous Improvement Knowledge: 

The WOW Suite provides a flexible approach to navigate continuous improvement opportunities with actions that align with your current capacity.  


Who is the WOW Suite For? 

  • Leaders with teams of 2-10 within an organization or business and are assigned to meet an objective, initiative or goal. 

  • Business owners who lead (or work with) a team of 2-10 and are seeking to figure out an optimal way to engage others to meet a goal or defined customer need. 

  • Leaders assigned to lead initiatives that require cross-functional collaborations. 

  • Leaders who are overwhelmed and unsure of how to clarify a strategy that helps them to meet a defined goal or objective and aligns with their busy demand. 


Meet the creator of The WOW Suite, Domonique Townsend, CEO of We Optimize Work: 

Hi, I’m Domonique Townsend! I’m an Industrial Engineer, TEDx Speaker, Author, Executive Consultant and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 16 years of experience in the corporate and manufacturing industry.  My expertise is amongst the top levels of mastery in problem solving for operations and business process improvement needs. (So, you are in great hands!) 


I have partnered with fast-growth startups to Fortune 10 Companies sharing my expertise to over 16,000 leaders, business owners and employees overall through training or private consultation. My leadership has helped companies save $14 million in productivity and disengagement costs. Domonique has been recognized as an American Express 100 for 100 Founder of Change, 2022 INNO Nashville Business Journal Top 10 Local Startups to Watch, Small Business Innovator Winner with Mastercard and Bank of America, 2021 Nashville CABLE ATHENA YP Nominee, 2023 Nashville Lifestyles Women in Business Honoree. 


Ways that I leverage my skills and experience to help you: 

I believe that work should feel good. I strategically use operations to optimize the engagement of others' skills and make the best use of their time to achieve a defined goal. By understanding each team member's unique strengths and expertise, I ensure tasks are allocated thoughtfully, allowing everyone to contribute in their areas of expertise. 


Through effective communication and collaboration, I foster an environment where team members can openly discuss their skills, interests, and aspirations. This approach enables us to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth, motivating everyone to be actively involved in achieving our collective objectives.


I have helped clients achieve an average engagement improvement of 75% and/or achieved a savings of $2,400 per team member per year due to improvements in productivity and engagement. 


The WOW Suite was created to harness my expertise and success working with clients privately to create a cost-effective, high-quality product designed to facilitate better communication and goal attainment, even for the leaders with demanding schedules. 


Interested in purchasing a large quantity of 25 or more? 

  • Purchases of 25 or more The WOW Suite products are considered our Corporate and Organizational Partners. 

  • Organizational and corporate partners will receive a comprehensive impact report showcasing the results and successes achieved through their investments in businesses or leaders. 


Two ways corporate and organizational partners can purchase: 

  • Contact to receive an invoice. 

  • Purchase directly on link. Purchase quantities of 25 or more will receive partnership onboarding details and next steps. 


What’s Included: 

  • The WOW Suite Guidebook 

  • The WOW Suite Blueprint (Printed) 

  • Strategy Development Masterclass (3 Hour) 

  • Private Access to Masterclass Calendar to Book Session (In-Person and Virtual Available) 



The WOW Suite Includes Physical Printed Products that will be shipped within 5-7 business days. 


Masterclasses are hosted bi-weekly. Private booking calendar will be sent after purchase. 

The WOW Suite

$475.00 Regular Price
$275.00Sale Price
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