For Mom business owners who need processes to better manage their team, operate like a CEO and have more quality time for their family.

VIP days are now conducted virtually!

You are eager to take your business to the next level and seek an expert to better optimize how you utilize your team. 

Your business is growing fast! You’ve hired team members to ease the workload, but still find yourself spending the same amount of time (if not more) working on day to day needs that were intended to be fully handed off. You envisioned that hiring a team would allow you to put on your CEO hat, but find yourself in the weeds performing small tasks…..and family time includes a propped open laptop that you constantly check.


If you keep at this pace, your business will plateau as you are unable to take on additional clients. You are fully aware of the shift you need to take, but honestly, you don’t feel comfortable delegating tasks to your team without having close access to the actions you are used to having on your plate and help grow you to where you are today.


Your expertise that grew your business to where it is today can be created into processes that your team is fully capable of doing. Giving you more capacity for bigger clients. 

You are under-utilizing your team. 

Because of this, you are stretching yourself thin because you feel its easier to perform a task instead of taking the time to define clear processes and delegate it to the person you intended to ease your workload by hiring them in the first place.


Your sanity matters. And so does the growth of your business! 


The reason you feel all over the place is due to not defining the processes and clear responsibilities of your team members. Your team and your business is only as effective as the processes that support it. Processes strengthen your foundation. They bring more efficiency. They increase the ability for your team to work more independently. And most importantly, it provides more time for you to have quality time with your family…..without an open laptop.  

Hi, I’m Domonique Townsend. Founder of We Optimize Work and Expert Process and Operations Coach for Moms who have businesses with hired team members.


I have worked in the corporate industry as an Industrial Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt for over a decade before taking the leap as an entrepreneur. I had the responsibility of leading global initiatives for projects that impacted employees on the plant floor to the C-Suite. I served as the go-to expert to lead the high profile projects with goals of creating processes that improved efficiency, reduced costs due to process waste, increase customer satisfaction, employee engagement and productivity.

After noticing common gaps that led to the reasons for launching projects, I created a 4-stage framework that allowed me to lead multiple projects at once and create programming that helped me teach, train and consult with 2500+ people.

Highlights of my accomplishments include helping save $3.1 million dollars by improving processes and systems to support operations and increase workplace engagement by 177% within 6 months. This framework is now what I call, Get Better Process (Clever, right!?).

I took the leap into entrepreneurship in 2019 to have a larger impact in optimizing business structures that improve how business is done and reduce overwhelm needed to get there. As a mom of 4 children ages 10 and under, my primary clientele includes moms who are business owners with hired team members.

Get Better Processes is for you if:

You are unsure of how to use the limited time you have to get your expertise and business needs into clear processes. 

Your business is at a plateau because you’re still occupied doing the tasks you hired your team members to handle. 


You are tired of being preoccupied with a laptop when you spend time with your family. 

You’re uncomfortable with delegating key tasks to your team members, but are willing to take the necessary steps if you can work with an expert to help you.

You have reached the point where you are ready to put on your CEO hat, lead with team with better clarity and increase the ability for your team to be more independent and consistent in the tasks they need to perform.  

During your VIP Day with me, we will walk through my signature Get Better Processes Framework.

Pt. 1: Know Where You Are In Business

  • Analyze the gaps (root cause) that lead to your pain points 

  • Collect information on current tasks and activities performed by your team 

  • Assess what areas do and do not bring value to your business 

  • Get clear on the goals you seek to reach for your business or work

  • Align activities and tasks with goals  

  • Document what tasks and processes are needed for defined roles and responsibilities  

  • Create metrics (KPIs - key performance metrics) to easily measure your success and your teams 

Pt. 2: Create Processes For Business Success

Pt. 3: Get Effective in How You Manage Your Time, Team and Actions

  • Lay out a cadence to define when deliverables and outcomes are needed in a typical week.

  • Establish clear deliverables and outcomes needed.

  • Define what tasks and processes are to be delegated from CEO to team.

  • Manage your meetings with clarity, directions and deliverables

  • Create outline for training plan and dates to fully handoff needed tasks and functions

  • Design performance check templates for team ownership and accountability 

Pt. 4: Lead With Confidence