We help keep companies from falling short of meeting strategic goals by utilizing & keeping their good employees.


  • High performing employees are leaving to pursue new job opportunities. 

  • Turnover can cost companies anywhere from 16% to 213% of the lost employee's salary.

  • 1 out of  2 of these employees have reported that left due to lack of growth opportunities.

  • Companies are losing on meeting profit generating goals mainly due to the under-utilization of their employee's skillset.

Is your company doing this? 

Communicating how employees can help meet strategic goals

Exceeding in meeting project needs

Developing growth opportunities that make good employees want to stay

 Imagine a solution that will help you engage your employees, improve your retention and excel in productivity....all at the same time.

Imagine a solution that will help you cut your turnover and lost productivity costs in half. 



We Optimize Work is a consulting firm that can help you decrease the time needed to figure out your next best step to meet impactful goals.  We use unique strategies that help you identify gaps, align the right people resources, and establish wins that are effective and sustainable.

Two words that can separate you from the rest in your industry..... 


Companies are excellent in kicking off workplace engagement initiatives, but they fall short in successfully meeting them. This is because the action and utilization roles needed are not included in driving needs to meet company goals. Implementing strategies that provide visibility and inclusion of key roles is how companies can win in reducing costs of turnover. 

We provide solutions using our signature 6-stage framework to position your company based off of current and ideal state needs.  This allows for us to help you close existing gaps and set a foundation for long-term success and immediate impact. 

whether you:

Seek  to raise awareness at your company of the benefits that result in higher retention and productivity rates.

Desire to train or refresh key skilled individuals, change managers and/or executive management team. 

Established a goal that will have immediate return and employee engagement success. 

We can help guide you to success!

Companies across America are spending over 31.5 billion dollars in turnover costs. 1 in 2 people are leaving due to the lack of growth opportunities and utilized a mobile app to land their new job. We Optimize Work creates mobile applications to help innovate how they include and grow their employee talent to meet company goals. 

We combine project management, workplace engagement and continuous improvement strategies with the use of technology to help you grow in competitive success.