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We help business executives create human centered work approaches that increase engagement, productivity and belonging for women in the workplace.


About Our Founder
Domonique Townsend

"Domonique instantly brings positivity and passion. She is able to quickly build relationships with employees and executives to help lead you to create concepts that truly impact your business. Domonique's approach and process allows you to be part of the solution. You will be amazed how quickly your organization can make improvements with her help." 

-Global Application Engineering Executive, M. Schulz

Domonique Townsend is a former corporate leader turned corporate consultant helping organizations optimize their work approach to support, engage and retain their working women and mom talent as the CEO of We Optimize Work. Domonique runs her company as a mom of four and an engineer who decided to combine her corporate experience (a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a leader in creating initiatives that saved over $12 million in improvement projects) with her passion to position employees of all levels for success.

We Optimize Work helps leaders create a human centered work approach to improve engagement and performance of their team.  The goal of We Optimize Work is to reduce the attrition rate of women who are leaving or downshifting in their career paths. To accomplish this, Domonique applies principles she used to solve the most complex problems in business and modeled it into a framework to meet both the professional and personal needs of women in the workplace. 


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Our Work Life Success® Framework 








We use engineering and design principles used to solve the most complex problems in business and modeled it into our signature Work Life Success® framework. Our framework equips business executives and leaders with a unique perspective to align their work approach to meet critical business goals while engaging employees, increasing productivity and providing belonging of women in the workplace. Our 3 phase approach is customized to meet the goals and needs of our clients.  


Our Signature Services

Executive Roundtable Facilitation

WOW Executive Roundtable Facilitation

Executive Roundtable Facilitations allow for a set number of leaders to collaborate cross-functionally in a setting to share their perspective, insight and expertise within a defined scope/topic identified prior to the session. Our Executive Roundtable Facilitations are led personally by our CEO, Domonique Townsend, who has an engineering and lean six sigma continuous improvement background. She is known for her ability to facilitate a value added discussion and designing a program plan that aligns with company values, culture and supports short to long term goals with actions that allow for a sustainable and effective impact amongst employees. All executive roundtable facilitations include customized workbooks, materials, preliminary analysis of company needs relating to scoped topics and a presented report out with program design & next step recommendations. 


Areas that provide a high-value in executive roundtable facilitation settings:  

  • Return to Office Planning and Sustainability 

  • Women in the Workplace: Engagement, Retention and Productivity Planning

  • Company Initiative Evaluation, Process Creation and Standardization 

  • Strategic Planning & Action Implementation 

Women Who Lead

Women Who Lead Program

According to the Women in the Workplace study, 1 in 4 women reported they plan to leave or downshift in their career paths. Women are critical to diversity, talent pipeline and performance results of a company. This attrition rate can cost companies 6 to 9 months of the person’s salary to replace and onboard a role that matches their talent and ability. For many companies, this is an average of $52,000 PER employee due that leaves. 

Women Who Lead is a performance management program designed to increase engagement, productivity and belonging of women in the workplace. Program sessions are interactive, conducted over the course of 6, 9 or 12 months and include 1:1 coaching assessment, group coaching, plus performance checks and certifications of program completion. Participants are led using the Signature Work Life Success® framework which include project management, continuous improvement and effective communication skills enhancement. Women Who Lead is ideal for women who are in leadership roles, aspiring leadership roles and high-achieving employees. 


The program flow is customized to the needs of our clients and can be led in variations of hybrid, in-person, self-paced, or all virtual LIVE sessions.


Client Highlights & Wins


Increased Engagement By 177% & Achieved $1.7 Million in Continuous Improvement Savings in 12 Months

Client Problem/Opportunity:

Client experienced high costs in labor and materials to meet customer demand. This led to a layoff of over 100 employees. Client lacked employee engagement and morale to implement improvement projects and drive down inefficiencies. 

Highlight of Our Tasks & Actions Performed: 

  • We evaluated the current state of key processes to meet their customer demand. Hosted internal forums to identify knowledge and emotional gaps of employees and leaders relating to continuous improvement. 

  • Created an internal Lean Executive Development program with customized continuous improvement training approaches for executives, mid-level managers, line leaders and employees.

  • Created templated project structures to standardize project flows and optimize communication between teams and leaders.

  • Hosted internal roundtables to review conducted performance reports and facilitate conversations for actions needed to meet desired company outcomes. 

Client Results: 

  • Achieved 177% increase in employee engagement within 6 months of program implementation.  

  • Yielded $1.7 Million in continuous improvement savings, increased capacity to meet customer demand in desired time windows for delivery.

  • In-house certification program training course increased knowledge skills of employees across all locations and are available for on-going engagement and optimal performance  for continuous improvement related initiatives. 

Added 20 hrs of Capacity/Week for Executive Experiencing Burnout

Client Problem/Opportunity:

Executive serving in leadership role of multiple high-level company initiatives. With increased demand in sudden remote office settings for their company, the client sought a better approach to lead their team and effectively complete tasks required with reduced overwhelm and chances of burnout.


Highlight of Our Tasks & Actions Performed: 

  • We conducted a capacity analysis of the executive's tasks and current involvements spanned across work and life. 

  • Identified current state of how team roles and responsibilities aligned with company and department goals/deliverables. 

  • Conducted an internal forum to identify development and knowledge skills enhancement for roles supporting executive, including executive. 

  • Produced a reallocation chart with recommended process improvement needs, role utilization opportunities, standardized communication plans, pulse performance checks to increase value added focus and reduce inefficiencies in tasks needed to meet deliverables and goals. 

Client Results: 

  • Added 20 hours of capacity/week for our client allowing them to focus more on needle-moving decisions to drive the team to lead effectively.

  • Direct reports, peers and cross-functional roles collaborating with executive reported feeling more included in decision making and utilized to take actions that allows them to grow their role.  

  • Client shared best practices learned and seeing impacts in other departments. 

Value Centered Performance Management Facilitation + Coaching to Build Value Added Employee-Manager Relationships

Client Problem/Opportunity:

High-achieving employees reported experiencing a lack of belonging in the workplace with senior leaders. Variable flexible work options and gaps within employee-manager relationships across the company presenting disparity in their employee experience. 

Highlight of Our Tasks & Actions Performed: 

  • Conducted a current state analysis to identify root causes of challenges faced.

  • Analyzed reporting communication structures, expectations to satisfy both internal/external customer demand by departments.

  • Created a value centered work performance plan to provide flexible solutions/options that aligned with the company culture and management style of department leader. 

Client Results: 

  • High-achieving employees felt seen and heard. 

  • Managers utilized value centered work performance plan. Provided a community of belonging and highlighted employees abilities without bias.  

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