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How to Handle Unhelpful Advice

Most advice is well-intentioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s always helpful! We can gain a lot from others’ suggestions and recommendations, but what do we do with advice that isn’t so great? And how do we know the difference between good advice and bad advice? Here are three tips for filtering through the barrage of suggestions surrounding your life and business:

#1 Check yourself: Is the advice really unhelpful, or do you not want to hear it?

Get honest! If your first inclination is to reject a piece of advice, ask yourself why. Is it really because it’s unwise advice? Or is it simply because it doesn’t support your ideas or opinions? Keep an open mind if the advice is coming from someone you trust. Ask yourself honestly if their advice might have merit.

Pause: When the advice comes from someone who doesn’t give wise suggestions, it’s okay to reject it from the get-go! Always use caution when accepting advice.

#2 Line it up: Does this advice align with your values and mission?

If the advice seems sound, measure it against your personal values and the mission of your life or business. All of your decisions ought to mesh perfectly with these values and mission. If the advice in question distracts you from either, then it’s probably not for you!

Pause: If you’re not sure what your mission is or what your values are, take some intentional time to figure it out! This knowledge will keep you on track as you make decisions.

#3 Go with your gut: Not even great advice is always for you.

Your gut will sometimes nudge you in a different direction. If you receive good advice but you’re still hesitant to take it, maybe there’s a reason why. At the end of the day, you know your life and business best. If you feel that the advice isn’t for you, then it’s completely fine to reject it in a kind, respectful way. Don’t feel guilty, and don’t feel obligated to explain your decision. You are the one responsible for your decisions, not the person providing you advice.

Pause: At some point, you’ll make a decision to take or reject advice and realize later you were wrong. That’s okay! Don’t get down on yourself. The important thing is to learn from it!

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