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Domonique Townsend Author of Inspired To Innovate


Employee buy-in around change initiatives can be difficult to obtain. Perhaps, as a leader, you are experiencing slower-than-desired progress toward meeting strategic objectives at your company. Your “9-5” has turned into “around the clock” because you are constantly

thinking about how to manage

employee engagement while

navigating competing demands.

Sound familiar?

Get Inspired To Innovate. Make Work Feel Great.

Inspired to Innovate by Domonique Townsend_edited.png

In this book you will learn how to:

  • Establish a “current state” foundation in order to prioritize actions to make the biggest impact toward improving innovation at work.

  • Implement an engagement plan that excites employees to own actions that align with key business objectives.

  • Build systems that sustain momentum and establish a culture of innovation.

WOW Optimize Your Operations Workbook

Small Business Owners Edition

The WOW Optimize Your Operations Workbook is created to help you: 

  • See Your Business as A Process

  • Identify Operational Gaps and Opportunities

  • Create Your Operations Blueprint

  • Innovate Your Approach for Continuous Improvement


Your business was likely founded to pursue a passion and solve a problem that provides a positive experience for others as a result. Whether your offering is a product or service, one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners is being able to effectively manage workflow.


The WOW Optimize Your Operations Workbook is tailored to help you create an operations blueprint that clarifies what milestones are essential in meeting a customer need, optimize how you engage others to meet an outcome and identify what systems and processes best align for your operational success.

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WOW Optimize Your Operations Workbook by Domonique Townsend

Make Work Feel Good™

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