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Collaboration Strategy Day Workshop 

A 1-day workshop designed for leaders who want to engage their team to develop a strategy to meet a defined goal or objective.


  • Designed For Teams of 2-8 people

  • Available Options: In-Person or Virtual

  • Contact us to book this service today.

We Optimize Work WOW Approach

As a leader in business or work, you understand that achieving remarkable results requires more than just individual efforts. When your chosen approach to lead your team doesn't seem to resonate, it may feel frustrating that your efforts aren’t yielding the desired results.

Creating an aligned strategy with your team can help you unleash the full potential of your team and your impact as a leader. 

Whether you're a seasoned executive, a department head, a people leader or entrepreneur, this workshop equips you with the tools to elevate your leadership and drive exceptional outcomes.

In this strategy day workshop you will: 

  • Gain a deep understanding of operations strategies and how it impacts your success as a leader. 

  • Learn to effectively communicate your vision, mission, and objectives with every team member.

  • Develop a clear team strategy with a roadmap of defined actions and team clarity in how skills are utilized to reach a key goal or objective.  

  • Interact with your team in a fun, meaningful way throughout the strategy day workshop. 

Areas covered during the workshop: 

  • How to Craft a Clear Direction: Learn how to define and communicate a compelling vision that will be presented to inspire your team during the strategy day workshop. 

  • How to Influence Collaboration: We implement techniques to help you quickly foster collaboration, break down silos, and create a culture of teamwork that drives innovation.

  • How to Make Strategic Decision Making: Gain insights into aligning decisions with your organization's long-term goals, resulting in impactful choices.

  • How to Lead Employee Engagement: Uncover strategies to engage and motivate your team by showing them their role in the bigger picture.

  • How to Navigate Change: Learn how to navigate change when applying your new strategy while keeping your team aligned even in the face of evolving demands assigned as a leader. 

First things first. How are you feeling in your role as a leader? 


We believe that work should feel good. Leading can take an emotional toll when managing a team and leading multiple demands that all have a level of importance to reach. If you are experiencing one of the following emotional impacts below, our strategy day workshop is designed to help you overcome them while working with your team: 


Frustration: When the chosen approach doesn't seem to resonate with your team, you might feel frustrated that your efforts aren't yielding the desired results.

Pressure to Perform: You feel alone in carrying the weight of responsibility and the pressure to maintain team morale and productivity is causing you to stress.

Conflict Avoidance: You struggle with addressing conflicts that arise due to different perspectives on an approach you have introduced and fear it could damage team cohesion.

Insecurity: You dislike the thought of being judged by your team members and it leads to feelings of insecurity and second-guessing your decisions. 

Self-Criticism: You are overly critical of your own actions and decisions, amplifying any perceived shortcomings in your  approach.

Impatience: You don’t see immediate positive outcomes made from the efforts of your team, causing you to be impatient and questioning the effectiveness of your team. 

Who Is This Strategy Day Ideal For? 

  • Team Leaders, Managers and Emerging Leaders 

  • Department Heads

  • Project Managers

  • Entrepreneurs

What is the cost of not having an aligned team 

strategy as a leader? 

  • Misdirection: Without a clear strategy, your team may lack a unified direction, resulting in confusion and conflicting priorities. This can lead to wasted time, resources, and efforts.

  • Inefficiency: When team members are not aligned with the overall strategy, duplication of work, inefficiencies, and unnecessary overlaps can occur, impacting productivity.

  • Low Morale: Unclear goals and lack of direction can lead to frustration and demotivation among team members. A lack of alignment can make it difficult for employees to see the purpose of their work.

  • Increased Conflict: Different interpretations of goals and priorities can lead to conflicts among team members and departments, hindering collaboration and innovation.

  • Poor Decision-making: A lack of alignment makes it challenging to make informed decisions that benefits the organization. Decisions may be driven by short-term thinking rather than long-term strategic goals.

  • Difficulty in Measuring Success: Without clear goals and alignment, measuring success becomes challenging. It's hard to determine whether your efforts are moving the organization forward.

What is the Investment for a Strategy Day Workshop? 
$10,000/Strategy Day 
Includes materials, facilitation and support for teams up to 8 people
*Travel not included for in-person requests more than 100 miles from Nashville, TN.

What is the ROI of booking a strategy day workshop? 

The Return on Investment (ROI) of attending our operations strategy workshop can be substantial and impactful. Here are some potential ways in which attending such a workshop can provide a positive ROI:


Improved Decision-Making: Learning effective operations strategy techniques can lead to better decision-making. By aligning your team's efforts with your organization's goals, you can make informed choices that directly contribute to the bottom line.

Increased Productivity: Operations strategies ensures that your team is working towards the same objectives, reducing duplication of efforts and increasing overall productivity.

Better Resource Allocation: With a clear strategy in place, you'll be able to allocate resources more efficiently, avoiding wastage, having fewer misunderstandings and focusing on initiatives that drive results.

Enhanced Collaboration and Engagement: Operations strategies foster a collaborative environment where team members work together cohesively. This can lead to improved problem-solving and innovative solutions and overall team morale. 

Quantifiable Metrics: With a clear strategy, you'll have measurable objectives. This allows you to track progress, assess the effectiveness of your strategy, and make necessary adjustments.

Enhanced Leadership Skills: Attending a workshop can equip you with leadership skills specifically related to operational strategies, which you can apply in various leadership roles and situations.

Meet Your Lead Facilitator:
Domonique Townsend
CEO of We Optimize Work
Award Winning Expert,TEDx Speaker, Author 

​About Domonique Townsend: 

  • Led workplace solutions that has saved companies over $14Million in disengagement and lost productivity costs.

  • Facilitated sessions, webinars and keynotes for 16,000 people across the globe.

  • 16 years of industry experience as Industrial Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in the corporate, service and manufacturing industries.

  • TEDx Speaker, Author, Award Winning Expert

Domonique Townsend Professional Headshot
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