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WOW Workshop 
How To Lead in Workplace Innovation

Domonique Townsend Teaching Employee Experience
Leading in 2023 Keynote Speech_ Domonique Townsend

Leaders who empower employees for their ideas attain higher levels of impact needed to achieve engagement, innovation and company objectives around change.


The How to Lead in Workplace Innovation Workshop is a tailored 120-minute experience to help leaders:

  • Identify current opportunity areas to establish trust and buy-in.

  • Engage their team to develop a strategy with aligned actions for innovation.

  • Incorporate tools for continuous improvement tools to sustain success and recognition of performance milestones.

Workshop Ideal For: 

  • Mid-Level Leaders

  • Frontline Leader

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Leaders responsible for a company initiative or internal program

Facilitated Virtually and In-Person

Email: info@


I enjoyed Domonique’s emphasis on how the WOW framework fits in within our organization, supports our work and makes those objectives more tangible, especially around those pain points. This workshop helped give me a narrative, the language, to start to address some of these issues we've been facing - that is my biggest takeaway... and some helpful ways to get started. It really is so timely for us. 

-K. Barn, Partner, Strategic Communications 


Domonique's style of teaching is clear, easily digestible and very relatable. I loved that Domonique had obviously been very clear on our pain points and it felt like she was speaking directly to you even without knowing you. The session was only one hour but I feel like I am walking away with guidance and next steps that will last a lifetime.

-A. Raines,  Workplace Culture Strategist 

WOW Session
Innovation Readiness Strategy Development

The Innovation Readiness Strategy Development Session is a 1-day (or 2 half-day) session that helps leaders become innovative problem solvers. Leaders will leave with the tools and strategy to ideate, collaborate and prioritize opportunities that impact how work is performed.


This program will help leaders to:

  • Learn a framework to tap into the knowledge of peers cross-functionally and within their team. 

  • Define key success factors to own in leading effective solutions for impact.

  • Develop an innovation readiness strategy with key milestones that aligns to a company objective. 

We help your leaders to think innovatively in how problems are solved.


Client Wins: 

  • Employee Engagement Improvement of 216% within 12 months

  • Middle Management Turnover Decrease of 20%

  • $2Million Dollar Turnover Cost Reduction

  • Time Lost to Employee Injury Improved By 81%

  • 52.9% in Safety IFR Cost Reduction Rate Improvement

WOW Innovation Readiness Strategy Program _ We Optimize Work
We Optimize Work Innovation Strategy Day


Domonique is able to quickly build relationships with each member of the project team and help lead you to generate ideas or concepts that truly can impact your business. Her approach and process allows you to be part of the solution but also allows you to easily identify other areas of your day-to-day life that you could apply these concepts to as well. Give Domonique a chance and within minutes you will see how her passion can easily spread to your team. With the right attitude and approach, you will be amazed how quickly you can make improvements, and this is what she helps you do. 

-M. Schulz, Director Global Engineering, Leading Global Industrial Manufacturing Company


The strategy day that we experienced with the We Optimize Work team was both transformative and impactful. The entire day was well beyond our expectations; Domonique was a joy to work with and completely transformed the space into the most welcoming and safe environment. The care and purpose put into all of the details, created a space that drew participation from staff at a level that is rarely achieved in the workplace. We can't wait to work with this team again and again!

-R. Beck, Sr. Vice President Office Leader, Top US Best Financial Services Firm To Work For


Wow. What can I say about Domonique and her overall expertise and customer service. One word. DYNAMIC. Before hiring the We Optimize Work team, our agency was a nightmare. Our systems and processes were outdated and we were in constant burnout. We left feeling more compelled and stronger in business, we actually applied what they taught us, they created a full roadmap of our customers journey and allowed us to focus on niching down on our services. We were able to restructure, get a new team and a new wave of clientele for success. I highly recommend working with We Optimize Work.”

-B. Carter, Founder & CEO, Award Winning Creative Advertising Agency 

Meet Your Lead Facilitator:
Domonique Townsend

Award Winning Innovation Expert, TEDx Speaker, International Speaker, Author of Inspired to Innovate


  • Domonique is the Lead Facilitator, Founder and CEO of We Optimize Work 

  • Domonique facilitated sessions, webinars and keynotes for 16,000 people across the globe.

  • Her work has been reviewed by over 25,000 business leaders and founders.

  • Domonique has 17 years of industry experience as Industrial Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in the corporate, service and manufacturing industries.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Planning & Strategy Development

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Organizational Health 

  • Workforce Development

  • Lean Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement

  • Operations Management

Domonique Townsend Professional Headshot
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