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How to Lead With Influence

Being a leader provides you with a unique opportunity to engage and lead team members to strategic needs of the company. Leading with influence impacts the potential of your results in work productivity, talent retention, innovations and customer relationships.

In this article, we are going to explore three tips to quickly enhance your ability to lead with influence.

3 Tips to Lead with Influence:

Tip #1: Challenge your team to think bigger.

I like to think about workout instructors when it comes to being challenged. When the spin instructor demands a higher intensity on the bike, naturally each person in the room does their best to push themselves more. As a leader in the workplace, identify how you can challenge your team more in ways that develop them and lead them to excel in meeting strategic needs of the company.

Tip #2: Be transparent in conversations.

Non-management level employees are often not aware of how their company is performing. I would even go as far to say that many don’t know the total impact their day to day tasks contribute to the company’s success. Key performance metrics, even if displayed in your workplace, must be complimented with transparency of what current trends mean and how it is used to determine the decisions you make for them to perform.

Tip #3: Provide an opportunity to engage employees in Senior Level meetings.

Include one of your direct reports to sit in on a senior level meeting that you normally attend. Doing this can have an immediate impact in building trust and empowerment. Try rotating a couple of employees to attend one meeting to access their thoughts.

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