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It's Time to Stop Fighting 'The New Normal'

The phrase “the new normal” was perhaps the most-used statement of 2020!

Many individuals and businesses have rejected the idea that the online-dominated, home-based workforce is anything more than a year-long anomaly. They’ve been waiting impatiently for things to get back to how they “used to be.” However, history has proven that businesses who embrace new ideas and processes are the businesses that succeed long-term. If you’re ready to stop fighting, below are three tips for how to integrate the new normal into your personal life and business!

Tip #1: Make flexibility a priority.

Developing a healthy, functional work-life balance became a necessity when many employees had to work from home in 2020. For many businesses, this looked like restructuring employees’ work hours to be less rigid. For others, this required minimizing micro-management or changing workflow processes. Employers who carry this habit of flexibility -- being willing to restructure, reanalyze, and adapt -- into the future are more likely to succeed in the years to come.

Tip #2: Get creative with communication.

We are lucky to live in one of the most interconnected eras in history. When face-to-face interaction was no longer possible in 2020, we learned how many other options were actually available. Businesses dedicated to embracing the new normal would benefit from continuing to utilize online options such as video conferencing, email campaigns, and virtual webinars. This new level of convenience isn’t likely to disappear overnight! However, don’t fall into the trap of over-communicating just because it’s easy -- keep your communication concise, timely, and valuable.

Tip #3: Redefine success.

If your key performance metrics, or quantifiable ways to measure growth and success, never change, then it’s likely that you’ll outgrow your own growth metrics! Take some time to analyze your growth measurements and determine whether they’re still valuable ways of measuring personal and company success. If not, change them! You get to define success in your life and business, so take advantage of the freedom to redefine it as needed!

If you need some help increasing flexibility, improving communication, and setting up key performance metrics, We Optimize Work offers consultations, cohorts, and webinars! Contact our founder, Domonique Townsend, by emailing or visiting



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