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Tips for Taking Your Business to the Next Level in 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life isn’t predictable! But even in the middle of fickle circumstances, we still have the ability to set our businesses up for success. If you’re starting up a business, or if you feel like your business growth has plateaued, this article is for you!

Here are a few tips for taking your business to the next level in 2021:

Stop “hustling” and start strategizing.

Hustling without a goal in mind is like running on a hamster wheel! You’re moving fast, you’re exhausted, and you have the illusion of progress, but there is no actual forward movement. Without an end goal in place and a plan to get there, you’re giving away your valuable time. You’re expending energy on tasks that may not produce your desired results. So, spend some time this year brainstorming your 2021 business goals and mapping out a measurable plan to get there.

Set intentional measures of success for your business.

Growth is always the goal in business, but growth must be trackable. Without specific numbers or measures in place that you’d like to hit, you’re missing out on a valuable way to boost your business. A few things you might be able to measure in your business include social media engagement numbers, increased email subscriptions, higher signups for offers or conferences/webinars, larger income, and more positive testimonials. Additionally, being intentional about measuring company growth increases productivity and employee morale! It allows your team to see the fruit of their hard work.

Leave room to grow.

A common mistake of many business owners is working to their capacity during the startup phase. It’s tempting to work almost 24/7 at the beginning, all the while telling yourself that things will slow down eventually. While it is true that startups require extra work, a schedule that does not allow for family time and rest can become a habit. When creating work hours and processes in your business, be sure to schedule in flexibility and time to rest.

In addition, remember that if your goal is growth (which it should be!), your business processes might look different next year than they do this year. That’s okay! The key is to not get “stuck” in a process that limits what your business can produce. Dedicate yourself to frequently reanalyzing your processes so that you’re not hampering your business growth.

If you’d like assistance with analyzing processes and streamlining your business goals and growth, Domonique Townsend at We Optimize Work can help! Schedule a consultation with Domonique today by emailing her at Or, check out options for webinars and consultations for your entire team at



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