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We Optimize Work: Collaboration at Work

We help leaders design strategies to make work feel good.

It's time to think more strategically in your approach to how leaders engage with their team to reach defined goals and expectations.   

Be intentional.

Be connected.

Be optimized.

Clients Worked With:

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How we A.I.M.™ to help you?

Domonique Townsend Public Speaker
Leading in 2023 Keynote Speech_ Domonique Townsend


We help leaders learn how to think more strategically in meeting engagement and organizational performance needs with: 

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Executive Roundtable Facilitation 

  • Organizational & Operational Health Assessments 


We partner with leaders to design  strategic approaches to increase workforce engagement, productivity and satisfaction through: 

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Work Life Success Strategy Planning

  • Team Operations Strategy Development

We Optimize Work_ Strategic Facilitation
We Optimize Work_ Employee Engagement Strategy


We serve as collaborative partners for your short and long-term implementations needs with:

  • Strategic Planning Implementation 

  • Fractional COO Services

  • Operations Management Consulting

What clients say?

The workshop that we experienced with We Optimize Work was both transformative and impactful. The entire day was well beyond our expectations; Domonique was a joy to work with and completely transformed the space into the most welcoming and safe environment. The care and purpose put into all of the details, created a space that drew participation from staff at a level that is rarely achieved in the workplace. We can't wait to work with this team again and again!

-R. Beck, Sr. Vice President Office Leader, Financial Services Firm

“Wow. What can I say about Domonique and her overall expertise and customer service. One word. DYNAMIC. Before hiring her, our agency was a nightmare. Our systems and processes were outdated and we were in constant burnout. We left feeling more compelled and stronger in business, we actually applied what she taught us, she created a full roadmap of our customers journey and allowed us to focus on niching down on our services. We were able to restructure, get a new team and a new wave of clientele for success. I highly recommend working with her.”

“Domonique’s training is AMAZING! I was blown away because she spoke to me as a leader on so many levels. Her perspective is what should be the rule of law in goal setting and engagement strategies in the workplace. NEVER have I experienced that type of shift in my mindset around how to collaborate with my team, peers and even with people outside of work. My team and I have a better relationship now.”

-I. Hernandez, Fortune 50 Technology Solutions Firm

-B. Carter, Founder & CEO, Marketing Agency

How to work with We Optimize Work?

Connect With We Optimize Work

Schedule a meeting.

Our mission is to help you create a collaborative workplace that increases engagement, productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. During our meeting, we can determine your needs and if we are a best fit for your success.

We Optimize Work Collaborative Partnership

Understand the gaps.

We identify the barriers that impact the success of employee engagement, workforce performance and operations management. We gather feedback to determine commonalities and outliers to equip leaders with an approach that brings successful engagement.

Connect With We Optimize Work

Optimize your work.

We’ll work with you to create a strategic leadership plan with action steps and attainable goals specifically designed to equip your employees with the tools they need to succeed.

Meet Domonique Townsend
Our Founder & CEO, We Optimize Work

Domonique Townsend

In the press:

Domonique Townsend In The Press

Industrial Engineer, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, TEDx and International Speaker

16 Years in Manufacturing, Food Service & Corporate Industries

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Workforce Development

  • Lean & Continuous Improvement

  • Operations Management

Be a leader who drives innovation to optimize work.

Create a workplace that is more collaborative and more productive.

A workplace where all employees feel valued, included in opportunities that bring solutions and feel happy to come to work.


We Optimize Work can help you!

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