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We use engagement, strategy and fun to help your leaders make work feel good. 

We Optimize Work Team Strategy Experts

The Workplace Problem

Disengagement costs companies $351 billion dollars annually. This is mainly due to leaders not being equipped to engage with their team to carry out a strategic goal. 

9 out of 10 Leaders Aren’t Equipped

9 out of 10 leaders do not feel equipped to carry out goals strategically.

Source: MIT Sloan

62% of Employees Disengaged

Over 62% of employees are disengaged due to not being clear on expectations at work.

Source: Gallup

$351 Billion Dollar Cost

Employee disengagement costs companies $351 billion dollars in the US annually.

Source: McKinsey

This means that over half of your leaders have teams who are checked out. Many employees want to give more but are unsure in how their role adds value, negatively impacting morale and engagement. We Optimize Work is your trusted guide to help leaders transform engagement needed to reach company objectives. 

Our signature approach at We Optimize Work has helped companies increase engagement by an average of 75% within the first 12 months. We have helped companies save $14 million dollars overall in disengagement and productivity costs. 

How We Help You: 

Phase 1: Organizational View

We assess the Team Engagement IQ™ of leaders in your organization.  

Phase 2:

Executive + Leader View

We Optimize Work customizes approach

We define key outcomes that best align engagement approaches to a strategic objective.  

Phase 3:

Leader + Team View

We Optimize Work Collaborates with Leaders

We collaborate with  leaders and their teams to facilitate fun, interactive strategy days to develop strategies to carry out a defined objective.


The strategy day workshop that we experienced with the We Optimize Work team was both transformative and impactful. The entire day was well beyond our expectations; We Optimize Work was a joy to work with and completely transformed the space into the most welcoming and safe environment. The care and purpose put into all of the details, created a space that drew participation from staff at a level that is rarely achieved in the workplace. We can't wait to work with this team again and again!

-R. Beck, Sr. Vice President Office Leader, Top US Best Financial Services Firm To Work For 

“Wow. What can I say about We Optimize Work and their overall expertise and customer service. One word. DYNAMIC. Before hiring the We Optimize Work team, our agency was a nightmare. Our systems and processes were outdated and we were in constant burnout. We left feeling more compelled and stronger in business, we actually applied what they taught us, they created a full roadmap of our customers journey and allowed us to focus on niching down on our services. We were able to restructure, get a new team and a new wave of clientele for success. I highly recommend working with We Optimize Work.”

-B. Carter, Founder & CEO, Award Winning Creative Advertising Agency

I have had the pleasure of working with We Optimize Work on multiple projects and each time there are two items she instantly brings; Positivity and Passion. 


We Optimize Work is able to quickly build relationships with each member of the project team and help lead you to generate ideas or concepts that truly can impact your business. Their approach and process allows you to be part of the solution but also allows you to easily identify other areas of your day-to-day life that you could apply these concepts to as well. You will be amazed how quickly you can make improvements. 

-M. Schulz, Director Global Engineering, Leading Global Industrial Manufacturing Company

Leading in 2023 Keynote Speech_ Domonique Townsend
We Optimize Work_ Strategic Facilitation
We Optimize Work_ Employee Engagement Strategy

Meet Our Founder & CEO:
Domonique Townsend

We Optimize Work was founded to address key engagement gaps that many of my peers and I faced in various industries. To address these gaps, I created playbooks to drive engagement from the front line employees to the executive level to identify and implement opportunities for continuous improvement and innovation. The playbooks established executive buy-in and helped fully capture employee knowledge that was largely untapped. After experiencing consistent success, I wanted to lead a larger impact in how leaders engaged with employees to carry out strategic goals globally. 

Utilizing 16 years of experience and expertise as an Industrial Engineer, Change Management Expert and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, The WOW Approach™, proprietary framework was developed. The We Optimize Work team has helped companies save millions and lead transformation in organizational health using this framework.  

As the CEO, our vision is for We Optimize Work is to serve as a leading global solution for team strategy intelligence saving companies an average of $3 billion a year in disengagement and productivity costs while impacting the lives of all employees by making work feel good.  

-Domonique Townsend

Domonique Townsend CEO We Optimize Work

In the press:

Domonique Townsend In The Press
Nashville Lifestyles


  • Domonique is a TEDx and International Speaker, Author, Award Winning Expert

  • She had lead the We Optimize Work team to implement workplace solutions that has saved companies over $14Million in disengagement and lost productivity costs.

  • Domonique has facilitated sessions, webinars and keynotes for 16,000 people across the globe.

  • We Optimize Work approaches have been reviewed in article features by over 25,000 business leaders and founders.

  • Domonique has 16 years of industry experience as Industrial Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt in the corporate, service and manufacturing industries.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Planning & Strategy Development

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Organizational Health 

  • Workforce Development

  • Lean Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement

  • Operations Management

Community Service Pillars: 

Education, STEM Career Path Mentorship for Disadvantaged Youth, Arts 

Personal Life: 

Domonique enjoys spending time with her husband & 4 children, writing, painting, reading and spending time with my family. Fun fact: If given the opportunity, she would be a backup dancer for Beyonce. 

Keynote Speaking: 

Domonique is available to speak at your organization to share strategies and how the We Optimize Work approach is helping leaders transform team engagement needed to carry out strategic goals.


Key Topics: 

  • Leading Communication to Improve Buy-In and Effective Change

  • Make Work Feel Good: The Strategy To Enhance Engagement To Carry Out Strategic Goals 

Our Mission: Make Work Feel Good™. 

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