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About We Optimize Work: How We Help Organizations Retain Their High-Potential

Organizations are facing what economists call “The Great Resignation.” Millions of women in the workplace have left their career path or downshifted as a result of the pandemic. Over 60% of women are currently considering leaving their company in 2 years or less. However, employers with a human-centered work approach can increase the retention rate of high-potential women in their organization. Investing in resources to support your retention of women improves work/life integration and broadens your organizational perspective.

How Companies Win:

  • Companies can experience a 97% improvement in ranking as “America’s Best Companies For Women” by adding development resources specifically catered to growth and engagement of their women demographic, according to Forbes.

  • Companies can experience a 48% higher operating margin with gender diversity in leadership, according to WeForum.

What are your pressing needs in retaining your women professionals? Now is the perfect opportunity for you to redesign an approach that is deliberate in retaining women in the workplace.

There are two ways that I approach this at We Optimize Work:

  1. I work with business executives who seek solutions to retain their women in the workplace. I do this by creating a human-centered work approach that improves engagement, productivity, and belonging of women in the workplace.

  2. I help women in the workplace create systems to meet critical business needs efficiently. I assist in establishing personal well-being goals that remove burnout and developing an approach to attain their desired professional goals.

We Optimize Work Client Successes:

  • Increased employee engagement by 177% within 6 months

  • Saved $1.7 million dollars redesigning work approaches to meet market demand

  • Averaged 20 hrs/week capacity increase for a woman executive

  • Helped an organization increase their retention of women by 10%, saving their company over $1.2 million dollars in turnover cost

With over 12 years of industry experience as a corporate leader with an engineering, change management, and Lean Six Sigma continuous background, I apply principles used to solve the most complex problems in business and model it into a framework to meet both the pressing needs of executive leaders and high-potential women professionals in the workplace.

You deserve an approach where turnover of your women professionals is not a challenge! We Optimize Work helps organizations who seek resources to support their current initiatives for retention of high-potential women in the workplace and gender diversity in leadership roles. Visit to book a call with me, or message me personally on LinkedIn to learn more. Have an optimized day!



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