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How You Engage New Employees Predicts Employee Satisfaction

Employee experience begins the moment a prospective employee makes contact with a company. Too many companies make the mistake of waiting until an employee is “integrated” to address their overall experience. But a Gallup study tells us this:

“...employees who have a positive onboarding experience are almost three times as likely to feel prepared and supported in their role, boosting their confidence and improving their ability to perform their role well.”

With the opportunity to triple employees’ feelings of support, confidence, and ability, leaders can take advantage of the onboarding process by optimizing it for future employees. Not sure where to start? Check these four tips!

Tip #1: Be proactive with your communication.

One of the biggest frustrations during the onboarding process is not receiving enough communication. In fact, 40% of new hires state that Human Resources tends to reply “very late” to questions about their job. (Digitate, 2018) Companies who go out of their way to communicate promptly and effectively will stand out to employees.

Tip #2: Assign a point-person or mentor to new hires.

A whopping 87% of companies report that assigning “a mentor or a buddy” during the onboarding process is “very effective”. (BambooHR/TalentLyft, 2019) New hires can quickly find answers to their questions and get acclimated to the routines and cultures of the workplace when they have a person dedicated to helping them navigate their new role.

Tip #3: Make sure the manager is actively involved.

If an employee does not have easy access to their direct manager, it is unlikely that they’ll feel engaged or satisfied with their work experience. Being able to frequently communicate with their manager means that employees are more likely to have a clear picture of expectations and responsibilities. Statistically, almost three in four employees state that one-on-one interactions with their direct manager is vital in the onboarding experience. (Enboarder, 2018)

Tip #4: Ask new hires for feedback.

The best way to improve the onboarding experience is to talk to employees who have gone through it already! Request feedback in surveys or one-on-one discussions in order to find gaps in your current onboarding experience. Then, improve the onboarding experience using the feedback you receive. And don’t forget to thank the new hires for their contribution in improving the onboarding process!

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