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Return-to-Office Communication: Why It’s Crucial to a Healthy Office Environment

As business leaders, sometimes we finish our week tired of talking. With strategy meetings, client calls, and discussions with fellow leaders -- not to mention the plethora of emails -- it can be easy to burn out on conversation. As a result, it can be very tempting to skimp on communication with the employees on your team.

However, communication is the single most important tool in building a strong, confident, and united company culture. As we return to the office this year, effective communication is crucial to a successful transition. Here are a few tips to remember!

Trend Toward Transparency

Not every employee needs every detail for each individual department in your business. However, when in doubt on communication, trend toward transparency! Be open, honest, and clear. When returning to the office -- whether all in-person or with a hybrid model -- communicate what the plan is, how and when it will be implemented, and how the plan affects each department’s overall work and goals. An informed team is an empowered team.

Don’t Forget Feedback

Once a return-to-office plan is in place, don’t forget to seek employee feedback on how the process is going. A few questions to ask might include the following: How is your workload? Has the return-to-office plan made your job and personal life easier or harder? Is there anything you would change about our return-to-office process going forward? It’s also important to note that seeking feedback is not a one-time occurrence; seek feedback frequently to encourage employee buy-in and satisfaction with the plan.

As your team transitions back to the office, encourage communication more than ever before! Your team -- and your results -- will thank you.



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