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The Main Motivator for Increased Employee Engagement

The discussion around employee engagement is typically paired with language regarding retention. And although it’s true that positive employee engagement results in increased employee retention, decreased turnover should not be the primary motivator for employee engagement. The main motivator for employee engagement ought to be improved connection.

Connection in the workplace is vital! Connection grows employees individually, both personally and professionally. Connection also grows businesses – it positions a company positively in the eyes of both employees and customers. Here are four ways that employee engagement translates to connection!

Employees need to be connected to their work.

In order for employees to be engaged, they need to feel connected to their work. This requires good communication about purpose, mission, and vision for the company. It also requires that employees understand their role in that purpose and mission. Employees who are connected to their work are naturally more engaged.

Employees need to be connected to their creativity.

Giving employees opportunities to be creative results in improved ingenuity, refined ideas, and diversity of thought. Allowing employees to flex their mental muscles at work results in greater “buy-in” and much higher company engagement.

Employees need to be connected to their leadership team.

This one is very important! Employees cannot perform their best unless they are confident that their leadership team wants them to succeed. Likewise, employees cannot succeed unless communication from leadership and management is clear. In order to feel connected to leadership, employees need leaders to be clear, transparent, and available.

Employees need to be connected to each other.

And finally, employees need to be connected to their coworkers. It’s so important for employees to know they’re valuable members of a team. They also need to know that their perspective and opinions matter to their team. Without this connection, employees fail to be truly engaged.

Employee engagement is many faceted, but the heart of it is connection. As you continue to nurture connection with and among your employees, we’d love to support you!

We Optimize Work helps companies solve their biggest challenges in employee engagement in order to avoid multi-million dollar losses in productivity and turnover cost. We A.I.M. to help our clients by raising Awareness through keynote speaking, Implementing our approach of strategic facilitation, and gaining Momentum by serving as a trusted advisor. Connect with us today so we can help you optimize your employee engagement! Email Domonique at

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