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We Have to Recognize the Individual to Engage the Team

Praise and recognition are more than corporate “fluff”; they are crucial elements to building a strong, engaged team.

Statistically, employees who are recognized intentionally for their achievements and contributions are four times more likely to stay actively engaged in their work and five times more likely to feel connected to their company culture ( This is significant! Being engaged at work and connecting to culture are key components to creating a strong employee team.

Leaders who would like to incorporate more recognition into their workplace can start with these three things:

Say thank you.

Never underestimate the power of gratefulness. Don’t withhold thanks or give it sparingly; employees need to know that their normal, everyday contributions are appreciated and valued. Leaders can thank employees for everything from staying a few minutes late to closing a significant sale. Employees who feel “seen” for their hard work and sacrifices are more satisfied employees.

Give some freedom.

One of the best ways that leaders can recognize employees is by giving more freedom. This might look like more flexibility in hours or working from home, or it might look like allowing employees to make on-the-job decisions without going through management. The type of flexibility depends on the employee’s individual role and needs, but the principle is the same: more freedom conveys that leadership sees the good work coming from the employee. Trust is an excellent form of positive recognition.


Finally, leaders can create a culture of recognition by celebrating its employees. Birthdays, workplace anniversaries, personal achievements – all of these are opportunities to celebrate employees for the good things they’re doing! Leaders can personalize these celebrations to fit employees’ personalities and likes/dislikes. These celebrations can be large like parties, or they can be as small as a handwritten note. Even a little effort goes a long way when celebrating employees!

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