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working moms + companies


Hey there! I’m Domonique Townsend, a working mom of four and an engineer. I decided to combine my corporate experience (a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a leader in creating initiatives that saved over $3 million in improvement projects) with my passion to position working moms for success. I did this by founding

We Optimize Work. 

The Goal of We Optimize Work

is to support working moms in their personal aspirations without downshifting in their careers. I apply principles that I used to solve the most complex problems in business and modeled it into a framework to meet both the personal and professional needs of the working mom.

I’ve realized that there are three root causes that overwhelm working moms and companies:

Falling short in clearly defining the problem/need

Lack of strategy and engagement to set action steps to meet desired goals

Feeling overwhelmed with current workloads and not having the time to focus on creating a strategy

I directly understand the needs of working moms. I want to help companies create short- and long-term support for their working mothers. I get so much joy out of connecting the dots to a solution that allows working moms to pursue their professional and personal goals as well as supporting companies who are actively seeking solutions to retain a diverse talent pipeline, including working moms.


We focus on the success of the working mom and the companies who seek to support them.  

You deserve a solution that best meets your needs.



It’s a big undertaking to put processes in place to support working moms, but we’re here to help! Without a solution that supports your working mothers, your diverse talent pipeline will be impacted. Working moms are taking note of how their employees are caring for them, and we want you to be the leaders that working moms need. We can help you sustain and retain the caregiver demographic. Let us support you as you transition your leadership style and processes to be more supportive toward your working moms and caregivers!

Work Life Success Cohort

Working moms, we know you’re tired of feeling stuck. It can feel like there’s no choice but to sacrifice your dreams due to the lack of opportunities for those who want to balance family and career. We want to support you! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, join our Work Life Success Cohort, a membership program for like-minded Mom Bosses ready to make their goals reality. We’ll offer you tools for success, confidence to take action, and a community to support you.


Mom CEOs, you deserve to reach your goals without being stretched thin. It’s possible to be a successful parent and a successful leader in business! We want to help you strategically map out your personal and professional goals and create practical pathways to get there. We prioritize business growth and maximizing efficiency within your team, whether it’s large or small. This one-on-one coaching experience is perfect for ambitious, goal-oriented moms.