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Performance or Productivity: Does Your Company’s Work Approach Hurt or Help Your Bottom Line?

Your company’s work approach can either hurt or improve your bottom line. This is true in many categories of business, but none more true than whether your company focuses on its employees’ productivity or performance.

Organizations are facing what economists call “The Great Resignation,” during which high numbers of employees, particularly women, are resigning or transitioning in the workplace. This is an optimal opportunity for companies to reset how they establish a workplace that is inclusive, equitable and supportive for women. While it is critical for companies to meet the demands and needs of customers in the market, their approach will only be sustainable if the employees working on the innovations reflect who the buyers are. In short -- healthy, happy employees translate to more buyers!

It is up to you, the employer, to put policies or resources in place geared toward supporting the professional and personal well-being of your employees. If you have resources in place, assess whether these policies are meeting employees’ needs; communicate policies, resources and benefits that are available for their use; and ensure they feel comfortable to take advantage of them. If you do not currently have resources or policies that support the needs that have been expressed by employees in your company, this is your chance! Take the opportunity to be more intentional in adapting a work approach that focuses on the company’s internal health as much as its external success.

When external success is the primary focus, companies are tempted to use “face time,” or a employee’s presence in the office, as a measure of their contribution to the company. This can be a problem for employees who need flexible work options, such as caregivers. For example, women in need of accommodations for family responsibilities are often seen as a burden rather than valuable contributors. Women with strong work ethics, accountability, and exemplary performances bring as much or more value to a team of employees as a worker who shows up to the office at the same time every day. Shifting away from a more traditional, outdated work approach of face time to an approach focused on performance can help reduce disparities that women in the workplace face, increase their retention rate, and improve gender diversity in leadership roles. And, as a bonus, your bottom line will increase!

We Optimize Work helps organizations who seek resources to support retention of high-potential women in the workplace and gender diversity in leadership roles. Visit to book a call with me or message me personally on LinkedIn to learn more. Have an optimized day!



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